Why our stoves


A unique system designed by our engineers in the nineties which has been continuously developed into the today´s Vv stoves...

Why is our stove so efficient?

In the combustion chamber of Vv stoves there is a unique tubular heat exchanger that is largely equipped with high quality refractory concrete lining having two basic functions. The accumulated heat energy even after fire in the stove has been extinguished emits radiatively for a couple of hours.

Due to high quality refractory concrete in the amount of 55 kg in the stove  and controlled air combustion into five places inside the combustion chamber. The increasing combustion temperatures intensify creating of combustion gases which nowadays cannot be released in the atmosphere.

In the upper part of the stove the combustion gases are cooled and dust particles are trapped there. There is also a rapid tranfer of the heat into the related areas in your home soon after the stove starts working.